The Best Gift You can Give Yourself

There has been a lot of conflicting information about the health benefits of alcohol and especially wine in the past few years.

Depending on what you’ve read moderate drinking could be the best thing for you… or not. Maybe red wine is full of powerful anti oxidants that prevents cancer or maybe the ethanol in alcoholic drinks is carcinogenic. Maybe red wine promotes weight loss or… maybe the calories in wine and themetabolic effects of drinking lead to obesity. Red wine could prevent Alzheimer’s or …it could lead to brain damage.

Face book pages likeMommy Needs Vodka and Mommy Juice Wines are full of humorous posts that make daily drinking to relax and unwind seem essential and correct. If you’re a team player in the modern world of professional stressed out parents how could you not serve Chardonnay at play dates. We’re all in this together and life is hard.

After many years of exuberant drinking I found at the beginning of 2015 that wine had become a rather glamorous ball and chain. I had been getting far more pain than pleasure from my nightly drinking for years but could not figure out how to stop. I was outwardly happy, successful and together but inside I was beginning to fall apart.

So in one of my many internet searches of “ How to Stop Drinking without AA “ I found sobriety blogs. Reading and commenting on the blogs Tired of Thinking About Drinking, Sober at Sixty, Unpickled and Soberistas led me to an amazing site called HelloSundayMorning. HSM was set up by a young Australian man named Chris Raine after he successfully took a year off drinking by blogging about it every Sunday morning. When he invited friends to join him in a yearlong or three month alcohol free challenge the now international blogging community was born.

HSM was free, easy to use, and anonymous so I signed up and gave it a try. From the first day I commited to spending at least an hour every day writing my own HSM blog post, reading those of the people I followed and commenting.

Today, at over 29 months sensationally sober, I am happier, calmer, more energetic and more creative than I have been since I was seventeen.

So if you’re thinking about a short term detox or if you’d like to try out an alcohol free lifestyle without all of the dark and depressing connotations that we often associate with sobriety check out one of these online communities.

If you’re drinking to much too often Talk to Us

Boom Community ReThink the Drink.

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Flowers and light - inspiration for being alcohol-free

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