Life is a Battlefield

Life is a Battlefield

Sorry….still spewing forth post after post….

it seems to help….

seems to be necessary

I have always been a fighter.

When I was young

I had to learn to fight for everything.

My balance, my opportunities ….

everything internal and external.

And I have won many of my battles.

But than things got too easy and I got too soft.

Suddenly at 30 years old I had everything I had ever dreamed of

and I knew it was making me soft but I didn’t know how to fight that.

All of the soft , cushy privilege that I suddenly had gave me the opportunity to kick back and and celebrate the comfort of my life with bottle after bottle of celebratory booze. I almost put out my own fire.

But I didn’t…Thank God

But life is still a battle field ….now I’m ready to fight

Second Month of Sobriety


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