What is BOOM or the BoozeMusings Community Forum?

We are an international community of men and women supporting each other in achieving an Alcohol Free or Moderate drinking lifestyle.

Boom is a warm, inviting place to explore the whys and how’s of alcohol in my life.

A place to learn and receive encouragement from a non-judgemental group who have shared many of the same experiences and who UNDERSTAND how we could end up where we have.

A place to contemplate the bigger picture of who we are and who we want to become.

A place to laugh and cry and above all a place to come to in times of need.”

We write, chat, share resources, music, art, humor and inspiration. We are NOT trained addiction counselors but simply a community of people who have overcome or are overcoming alcohol issues.

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BOOM is a great community of people, all looking to Change their Lives. Most think it’s just finding a healthy relationship with booze, but after some days, clarity emerges: I want to change my LIFE.”

“As BOOM is so private, it’s a safe space to be ourselves and to rant, if need be. There are some really good people and heartfelt stories. BOOM is a place of Growth “

We are not led by any singular voice and we do not adhere to any singular doctrine. Some of us hit dire rock bottom and lost everything and some of us were weekend binge drinkers.

BOOM is my lifeline to a new Alcohol Free life, to be supported in a safe, respectful space where I can truly open up. I’m so grateful for this wonderful platform and it’s much, much more than I can put into words. It’s a huge part of my day/life now. “

Most of us were likely a lot like you. Hard working people who found after years of decompressing at night with a few drinks that alcohol was becoming a ball and chain.

“I love this place for the intimacy, it’s still small compared to some sites, I love the open forum, the focus on acceptance and respect and speaking our own truth and not trying to tell others what to do. Which is really easy for a bossy broad like me to do and I’m best at doing that when I’m not dealing with my own mess very well. That’s when I can really go to town as The Fixer, ask my husband. As I shared once in a Recovery meeting: Trying to “fix” my husband and disrespecting his autonony but labeling it as “spiritual coaching” doesn’t change the fact that I’m trying to fix him and disrespecting his autonomy.

I feel like I’m on the ground floor of something wonderful with unlimited potential, just like me, just like each one of us.”

Through private anonymous expression of what is in our minds and hearts we are growing together every day and finding that Sobriety truly does offer everything that alcohol promised.

If you are at least 18 years of age,

open, honest, willing to support, share and grow,

and would like to join us here,


CLICK HERE to sign up and get started.

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