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Am I an alcoholic? is not the question we need to ask and answer.

Lots of folks these days, seem fired up about ending the stigma and/or shame of being in recovery, but I still see the labels of “alcoholic” and “addict” tossed about and used by some of the leading voices, and on progressive platforms. I know some things die hard but I’m all for retiring pathological and negative and hurtful labels. The sooner the better, preferably yesterday. It’s okay if an individual wants to claim and wear a label, IF it feels like their inner truth, IF they find it empowering, IF it fuels their resolve or constantly reminds them of the thing(s) they absolutely cannot mess with… EVER.

I love Tommy Rosen’s definition of the word disease: Dis-ease; Distance from ease.

Let’s close in the distance from our ease…and let’s do that together, holding hands, maybe skipping, singing very loudly and off-key. I’m staying happily alcohol-free today, are you? Let’s rock this!

from Don’t Label Me Alcoholic Because I Choose Not to Drink

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