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One of the things that I love about listening to podcasts, is the quality of people out there in the world who struggled with their alcohol demons, won big time, and are living joyfully sober. The people you meet in recovery circles are some of the most healthy, vibrant, creative, sensitive, wise, authentic, and radically alive folks on the planet.

Belle’s One Minute Messages are priceless . I will never forget in my week one, on a particularly edgy day, her soothing voice reaching out to me saying :

” Sobriety is like clean shaven Legs under Line Dried Sheets”

Thank You Belle!

Check out just a few of the inspirational voices you can find in cyberspace:

My favorite three fellows in recovery are Chris, Matt, and Jeff of the SINCE RIGHT NOW podcast, they make me laugh out loud many times over every single episode plus their archives are loaded with great guests. (Join me in the Chat Room for the live broadcast of their podcast on Wednesday evenings.)

I’m very fond of the HOME podcast archives with Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen. Expect some graphic girl talk when it’s just those ladies AND tons of great guests along the way.

Veronica Valli has an amazing podcast called SOBERFUL that offers compassionate and wise advice.

Check out the SHAIR recovery podcasts as well as Recovery Elevator .

I don’t think there is a Bubble Hour I’ve listened to that I don’t like. I was listening to the Bubble Hour and Arlina of ODAAT chat was the guest. It’s a great Buble Hour episode, check it out HERE.

Arlina’s story of recovery is amazing. I love listening to Arlina. She is relatively new to podcasting starting in January 2017 so the library of episodes is pretty small. I plan on listening to all of them. She digs deep and really gets her guests to open up and share and the focus is on recovery and hopefulness and learning. Her voice is calm and soothing. She is obviously intelligent and knows what she is talking about. And her compassion really comes through connecting to her guests.

Annie Grace has a fantastic library on You Tube

As does Lee Davey with his Alcohol and Addiction Podcasts

And if you get tired of hearing about sobriety or want a little wider net of inspiration, Sam Lamotte (author Ann Lamotte’s son) has world-class interviews with thought leaders on his HOW TO HUMAN podcast including people like Brene Brown, and Byron Katie, and Geneen Roth, to name a few. Sam has been down the road with addiction so those topics come up often but his podcast is very much intended to support a healthy, creative, compassionate life.

The comedian and actor Marc Maron has a highly entertaining podcast called WTF, and of course, it stands for just that. You can expect guest interviews with actors, directors, authors, other comics, you name it. Marc is a long-time “out there” sober guy and again, many of his guests talk about those struggles but also just their personal histories and personal struggles.

Another super fun podcast, just for FUN, is SYSK or Stuff You Should Know. Geeks will love this because these two guys research the hell out of strange topics and give you the goods in a most entertaining way. Their show is so popular they take it on tour, great listening.

Oprah has her Supersoul Sunday stuff in podcast form, there are just so many great ways to support your sobriety and feed your soul and get a good laugh, learn something, and get out of your own head.

Being a huge fan of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care, instead of constantly focusing on character defects or taking self-inventories, I loved this talk by Tara Brach on what drives us to reach for substances and/or behaviors that “make us feel better” OR that we just perceive as making us feel better temporarily.


So the next time someone wants to know why I’m not drinking, I can try out this response: “I’m focusing on everything that brings me closer to my star and getting rid of everything that pulls me further away, and alcohol was the first thing on that second list.” Wonder what expression will be on the face of the person who asked.

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