S.O.S. Cravings Post

Computer displaying SOS message for alcohol craving

Think about it this way

If alcohol made you happy

if it cured boredom

if it solved your relationship issues

If it gave more then it takes

Would you be reading this?

So if you’re thinking about drinking get on in here and yell HELP! ( every blue title will open a post in BOOM)

Because if you feed the beast in your brain it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger …..

dehydrate that bugger! Deny him the drink and he’ll blowwwwwwww away.

Here is a great post by MaggyM to remind you why you may think you want a drink but actually DON’T!

Breaking Down the Myths: What can Alcohol REALLY do for You?

And our BrandNewStarts essential post on why you crumble in the late afternoon

Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycaemia

and some thoughts on how posting to a community of peers can help you get sober and stay that way

Want to stop drinking? Start with a Plan and Share It!

Please don’t forget

Alcohol Takes

When I was Drinking I was Afraid

And last but not least never forget that

No one ever woke up saying …. damn! I wish I’d drunk last night

Play it forward

Are you Triggered? Alcohol Craving? Reaching for a Drink? STOP!


Surf the Urge

Find natural remedies that work for you to release




And remember it is the anticipation that triggers the pleasure centers in your brain

Sweet Anticipation : A Busy Resource Post on Dopamine… 

Understand what your brain is doing from the perspective of neuroscience :



I have not learned to meditate yet .. I hope to … but this guided meditation is something that absolutely turns me to a river of calm

I don’t even sit when I listen to it

I lay down and close my eyes and drift away …. if you’re feeling edgy try it

Computer displaying SOS message for alcohol craving

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