Getting Back to Sober When You Slip

Sometimes people take a break from drinking, drink again, and then have an awful time getting back on track. Relapse may feel like the right word to you or it may feel overly dramatic but I know from my own experience after being sober nine months in both of my pregnancies that when I started drinking again I drank harder than I had before and. I didn’t know why really. I had expected the sober time to reset my alcohol meter. To help me find a more moderate approach to drinking. To detox me. But it didn’t work that way. When I started drinking again after those sober pregnancies it was like I was deep down empty and needed to fill up fast.

I’m coming up on four years sober now which means that odds are that I’ll stay sober but with my drinking history, all it could take is one glass to send me back down the hole. I don’t intend to continue my personal study of relapse by picking up a drink again but I dug up a couple of reads for people who may be fighting this right now.

Don’t give up ever!

Your life is precious and living life fully is the most precious gift you can give yourself. Although there are people who are comfortable drinking moderately and life is fuller for them with an occasional drink, for me, drinking becomes my focus quickly. I wait for it all day. It takes priority over everything once I drain the second glass and I don’t stop till I’m snoring. Blackout drunk became my state several nights a week in the year before I finally stopped drinking. And although the in my conscious sober state, oblivion terrifies me, once I get a few drinks in me there is nowhere I’d rather be than the empty dark nothing where all feeling is simply… gone.

If you stopped drinking, have started again, and are having trouble getting back to sober here are some great reads that may help-





” … alcohol deprivation effect (ADE)…is the tendency for people with alcohol use disorder to drink even more after they’ve gone through a period of abstinence. ”

If you’re thinking about trying Naltrexone as is suggested in the last article, Skipping Dry January, maybe check out these two videos.

The people who I have talked to that have used naltrexone have had the best results if they have used naltrexone to fight cravings in an abstinence program with support from peers who are also abstaining. Blogging, going to meetings, talking to a counselor, working through a book like Annie Grace’s book This Naked Mind or whatever combination of those things work for you.

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“When you quit drinking you stop waiting.”

― Caroline Knapp, Drinking: A Love Story

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