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When I stopped drinking I was so used to feeling like crap physically and emotionally that I had NO idea how crap I felt. I thought that feeling like crap was just part of middle age. I bought into the idea that aging was the boulder I was pushing up hill and had no idea that the boulder was actually alcohol.

I didn’t stop drinking for me I stopped for my kids. I did NOT want to stop. I dreaded sobriety. I LOVED drinking. Drinking was my escape/release/entitlment/ Joy.

I didn’t know how to function without it.

Have FAITH that if you put down the bottle and leave it you will be EMPOWERED because you will no longer be stuck in the same cycle you were stuck in last year.

Over and over and over again.

Wash Rinse Repeat. Drink Drunk Shame.

Find a community online or a few communities online that you can access instantly throughout the day. Read, write, share and talk everyday. Every single day.

Wash Rinse Repeat. Think Feel Evolve. Keep going…

You make the choice of course. It’s up to you. But I sure as hell don’t want to wake up back were I was four years ago, because that bottle of wine made me drink it …. because it chose me and I let it, I knew I needed to stop drinking when my daughter was 4, by the time my son was 7 it was getting pretty serious. By the time I finally did stop they were 11 and 15 and it has made a world of difference for both of them.

BUT what I didn’t realize when I began my community blogging practice was that sobriety was the most amazing gift I could give myself . It was for me. I had to have faith to get there. The faith came from the community.

Maybe do it for your child or partner right now. Stick to it for them . And before you know it it’ll be for you.

Taken from You Have to Have Faith

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