Thought for the Day: Something’s Missing…

As I was driving into work this morning shielding my eyes from the bright morning sun I realized that something is definitely missing in my alcohol-free world view these days.

There is a complete lack of drama.

There is a clarity and peace that I didn’t used to have. 

I thought a bit about how important “working my program” is to me and I thought about how I will most likely do it forever as some people continue to work their program in AA for decades after they become alcohol-free.

And looking at that bright, hot morning sun… thinking about the commitment I’ve made to sobriety and to continued growth through posting and sharing ideas and sharing experiences and sharing feelings and triumphs and tragedies with this community most likely forever….

Well, that feels just fine with me! 

Because in these two and a half years of Alcohol-Free living I realized that I have earned something priceless. 

I feel a complete lack of guilt.

Guilt. remorse, shame, regret, self-doubt …… gone.

And for me, that is the beginning of a long life ahead filled with Love, joy, and growth. 

And that is more than worth every second I spend typing at this keyboard.

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