Nailing the Narcissist

I had a friend who I thought was funny, quirky and troublesome. She was troublesome, but I thought that together we were so much fun that everyone would forgive us for the scrapes we got into.

I used to really like hanging out with her but things turned. Meeting up with her started to drain my energy and I was already a stressed-out parent. When I was going through a bad time I made the mistake of turning to her for comfort and for a while she seemed sympathetic and kind. Turns out she pretended to care but really just cared about herself.

She persuaded me that I needed her more than other things that would help me feel better. Like all narcissists she isolated me. She persuaded me to see her instead of having an evening where I could look after my heart and soul. After a frazzled day, a day which probably involved me crying at some point, she persuaded me to stay up and party with her rather than watching a good movie complete with a snugly blanket to warm up my insides and heal my emotions.

My bad friend wanted me to turn to her only. She wanted to be my best friend and was available most evenings if I wanted her company. She wanted me to focus on her even though that would wreck my family. She didn’t care about my children’s happiness.

So how did I see her true intentions and why did I choose to turn away from her ever isolating grasp?

Well, gradually her mask dropped and her expression changed. She started sneering at me and I could see it wasn’t a healthy friendship at all. She didn’t really care, she never had.

She laughed when I was hurting and delighted in my misery and embarrassment. Life was one big drama that she reveled in and she encouraged me to be rude and hurtful to those I loved.

She didn’t want me to have anyone else, just her. I wanted comfort and peace and she wanted….well everything I had and more.

She was obsessed and wouldn’t let me go without a fight. I had to get a restraining order. She can’t come anywhere near me or my family now but sometimes I sense her lurking.

Her name is Wine Witch and she’s a heartless, selfish bitch.


My Aunt died of alcoholism at 50 and if she were here today I think that she would tell me these things to help me keep that narcissistic “friend” away…


Read the science behind the moves
And your body and mind

will make deep grooves
for a life fun and free
That teaches your kids
how to simply “be”

And if you continue to booze?
You’re taking your kids down a path

where they can only lose

More anxiety would be intolerable
And a life with you un-shareable

Get healthy and booze-free now
you have lots to gain
And give them a life free

from the pain they could experience
If you continue with your dalliance

It’s that serious!

She’s not a fun and glamorous friend
But a shriveled up witch

bitter to the end

You’ll end up looking like her
Old before your time
Drowning in wine

Is that how you want to be?
Is that a good example for your kids to see?
They need you now more than ever.
So use your head and be clever.

You’re stronger than her.
Her power is a myth.
To make HER fall is in your gift.

Don’t think you’ll have this choice forever.
For she is equally as clever.
And if you don’t realise

what she won’t let you see.
Well, my dear, you could end up like me!

Moderation is all very well,
But you have strong cravings now as well.
Wanting something to make you feel better.
She’ll make you feel much much worse

if you let her.

She doesn’t want you

to be a good wife and mum.
Who cares about that

she says it’s all about “fun”.
My advice to you darling….

take a good look and RUN!!!!!!!


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