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Drinking and creativity have always been intertwined throughout my adult life. That’s hardly out of the ordinary. Alcohol and artists have always enjoyed each other’s company down through the ages. I’ve grown weary of that companionship and have been working on ending that unholy alliance over the last two years. It’s coming along slowly but progress has been made for sure. I’m a music maker and a picture taker. My posts will be about sharing my projects and at times a glimpse into the odyssey of becoming a 100% sober artist. I’ve mostly removed alcohol from the actual creative process. My biggest challenge now is quelling the fevered anxiety that ignites my bloodstream in the aftermath of working on a project. And on the occasion when I do wind up dousing out the fire with firewater what follows is futile tinkering late into the night which rarely moves me forward…more often backward.

My first offering up is a song I recorded back in San Francisco many moons ago. I was just beginning find myself in the city that use to work that kind of magic. It’s called “I’m Gonna Change Everything” written by Alex Zanetis. The version I fell in love with was recorded by the one and only George Jones. The song is about moving on, a prominent theme as I struggle to eradicate booze from my creative equation.

I’m gonna start with the walls
Take the pictures off the walls and burn ’em
Move the chairs around
Take the window curtains down and burn ’em
Everything I see reminds me you were here.
Yeah, I’m gonna change everything
That holds a memory of you
Woa! yeah.

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