Welcome Back Baby

I thought I’d be fine sober
Past all the booze temptation 
Of the supermarket situation 

Trust your gut
If you feel something is wrong 
It’s because it usually is

I was kinda wrong 
There was the same old bottle 
Like it had been there all along 

I ventured forth with strength of will
Picked it up, examined it until 
I felt it’s pull
A sarcastic, smug voice started to say
“Welcome back!”

It shook me up
I quickly walked away

My gut feeling was to leave well alone 
I bought some AF drinks (and chocolate)
And feeling relieved, I drove home

Woman feeling relieved

My Gut Feeling

My gut feeling was there long before I took time to care .

My hub was concerned

This was my treat that I’d earned

Im not that bad

I’ll have a day off

He won’t know this time

If I commit one more crime

Of sneaking them in

The wine and the gin

The secret stash

Gone in a flash

Chugging them back

And back and back

Until I heard it again

Listened to my gut

I couldn’t mistake

I was stuck in a rut

Going round and round

A heavy conscience

Couldn’t do it no more

I closed that door

To this day I will be forever thankful to boom

And listening to my gut

It was only to be doom …

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