I’m not Drinking Today Because …

Question Mark National Punctuation Day

This is national PUNCTUATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m a writer and I need to stay alcohol free to be able to write….anything at all worth reading.

Unlike Ernest Hemingway, I can tell you without the teensiest reservation that booze did nothing for my craft.

Lots of us writerly types struggle with alcohol and other sundry addictions. Creatives are actually famous for being fucked up on something, and lately, thank God, also famous for their recoveries. This is good news.

I wrote the sloppiest dumbest shit on the RARE occasion that I even TRIED to write under the influence, mostly emails or social media posts. When waxing affectionate or ranting my rage, best for my big mouth to do that sober. Soooo much better.

P.S. And let’s consider how Hemingway ended his career. Kaboom! Exactly.

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