I’ll be too busy to drink today because …

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It’ll be easy to stay alcohol-free today because this is INTERNATIONAL PODCAST DAY. I’ll be too busy listening! Or if you would rather, it’s also national CHEWING GUM DAY, national MUD PACK DAY, and my personal favorite: National BLASPHEMY DAY!  

Chewing gum might help some folks avoid wigging out in early sobriety and mud packs are always great for self-care enthusiasts. I’m not sure about the value of blasphemy along the sober journey but sometimes you just have to let out a little steam and indulge that inner rebel, right? But let’s face it, the obvious choice for sober warriors or sober-wanna-bees is……PODCASTS!

My all-time favorite recovery podcast is SINCE RIGHT NOW with Chris, Matt, and Jeff, the three kings of side-splitting, playful, irreverent humor. They describe themselves as “just three guys in recovery who don’t pretend to know anything about anything” and that’s part of the reason I love them.

Their archived episodes include a ton of great interviews mixed with times when they are just bantering, sharing experiences, sharing life. Chris and Jeff are closing in on 50 and got sober in their 20’s, Matt is a more recent struggler but he’s logging up some impressive time, too. These are long-time friends with richly different sober journeys but also advertising-industry creatives so the conversation is peppered with clever funny remarks that keep me laughing, literally OUT LOUD. These days I try to log onto their site at Sincerightnow.com on Wednesday evenings for the live version of their show, which includes a chat room for ongoing questions/comments.

Anyone else out there have a favorite recovery/ alcohol-free podcast?  Or better yet, a super fun podcast with a touch of blasphemy that we can listen to while we’re taking a mud bath and chewing our favorite gum?

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