Fight Back Together

Fight Back Together

Wine-vodka-cider-gin drink

Whatever you choose
you ain’t gonna win…

So the night will soon begin 
The order (made secretly)
goes in

17 minutes later
Whilst your partner
and children are out
Your fix arrives …

Delighted you want to shout !
But is it joy you feel?
or more Desperation
than elation ?

The first drink goes down 
With a frown you text your guy
How does he feel
about his evening meal?

You offer to cook, it’s another lie
When will he be back you ask?

You’re just being nice 
But he knows your vice 
He knows your real task 
The one in your mind
The exact time he’ll return
you want to find out
In case he shouts his disapproval (again)

And you’re no longer friends (again)

And you both decide you want out (again)

Too drunk now to see
from his point of view 
That he doesn’t know
what he’s coming home to
Will he have to remove all the debris and shield the kids 
Hide all the bottles and the lids?

Will he find you slumped on the sofa (again)

Doors unlocked 

Last time that happened
they had a shock 
What’s wrong with her
they asked innocently

“Why Won’t she wake up dad.”

“Why won’t she play with me?”

Your partner consoles
the little boy as he sobs

“But she promised!”

All the while he’s thinking 

Why doesn’t she care what she’s missed?

Doesn’t she know I’d help her?

With everything I’ve got?

I love her,
I won’t leave her to rot
I know she’ll be tearful 
And extremely fearful 
But I’d be by her side,
all the way
We could fight together
starting today ❤

This poem was composed by Floss, author of An emoji-explosion reminder to myself of how alcohol lies to me

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