Drunken Drama – a Halloween Anthology of Scary Stories from the Boozemusings Community


You take a drink, the drink takes a drink, the drink takes you. That quote has been rolling off tongues for centuries and attributed to many:

“At the punch bowl’s brink,
Let the thirsty think,
What they say in Japan:
First the man takes a drink,
Then the drink takes a drink,
Then the drink takes the man.”

EDWARD R. SILL ” 25 May 1886, Chicago (IL) Daily Tribune, pg. 4:

When I read it for the first time I was 49 years old and about one month sober and I said

“Oh my God YES ! That is EXACTLY what it felt like … Exactly”

The punch bowl’s brink … something like this in Halloween visuals

Somehow knowing that I wasn’t the only one who had had that experience of being taken … quite literally… made it easier to stay stopped.

It also helped me to write this a few years later :

community helps stop drinking

When I was Drinking I was Afraid

I was afraid that I was destroying my health.

I was afraid that the whites of my eyes were turning yellow

I was afraid that I was an alcoholic

I was afraid that I couldn’t stop

I was afraid of Sobriety

Afraid I’d be dull

Afraid I’d lose my friends

Afraid I couldn’t do it

Afraid that if I stopped , every one would know my secret.

But when I stopped

One day at a time I began to lose that fear.

I began to KNOW that I could hold on.

I began to trust myself.

I began to think for myself and write what I was thinking and read it and LEARN from myself.

I stopped Buying a lifestyle that was Killing my soul.

I stopped making excuses for behavior I despised.

I worked hard to hold onto my freedom and now I revel in that Freedom every day because Sober I OWN MYSELF!

I remember feeling that my bottle of wine was like a friend.

A calm harbor at the end of the day.

A lover who understood me and would sooth me.

I remember the feeling of loss when I left my friend behind.

The mourning for my lover.

I remember it being so hard to imagine NEVER DRINKING AGAIN.

I remember that very clearly even after two and a half years happily sober and I KNOW if I drink again I’ll be back to that place in a flash.

That is the addiction speaking.

The addiction will always be there.

But as long as I work my program a bit every day ; write, read, listen, respond, feel, think, grow… How I Stopped Drinking Without AA

As long as I continue to feed my soul with pride and dignity I will never give in to the desire to drown my spirit again.

It took me six long years to discover that the answer was inside of me but the day I started blogging in a community was the last day I drank.

Here is more from me in our private space Tales of Halloween Past where you are welcome to come for support if you are looking for a community to Rethink the Drink. Alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for not using. Free, Private, anonymous, independent BOOM Community Rethink the Drink

A Halloween Anthology of Scary Stories from the Boozemusings Community:

Dancing with the Devil I Know

Nice to meet you;
My name is ‘Al’,
You ask me
‘What’s your aim?’.

I am your very best friend,
just listen,
I’ll explain.

I can make you feel good,
take away your doubt,
your fear,
your pain.

You can be free,
One of us,
the In Crowd

The ones who know
what there is to gain.

Red Wine is good for you – Isn’t it?
Along with all its mates;
On all of which
you can depend
To see you through
by measure and increasing measure
until the end.

The Beer,
the Spirits,
the Sparkling Wine,
their taste,
the feeling,
that you have come to treasure.

Everything that disguises ME
in your mistaken pursuit,
your search for pleasure.

There are those who say
that I’m the Devil,
If that is so
I am owed my due.
But in the end it is all as ever –
up to you.

The time has come to pay your bill –
the cashier is waiting at the Till.
For here below I state my claim –
pay up pay up or leave the game.

Because :
I will destroy your health,
screw up all your hopes and dreams,
destroy everything
that you hold dear.
Take your life and twist it
until you are alone and desperate
with no one near.

If you stick with me,
I can take your pain away,
I can even make it go away forever.

I have been around for a long, long time
and I know how to ‘Hook’,
and make it seem like pleasure,
as you slide so slowly in to the never never.

By MyrDan on May 24, 2019

devil awaiting, community support prevents it

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