Reaching Out to Australia

Reaching out to Australia

It is just on noon as I write; it is dark, a smell of smoke in the air. Earlier today, around six of the clock, the sky was a weird yellow.

There is a mucky slick in the sky; Bits of birds, animals, properties, pets, people!

It is now a brownish sky – no sun, no water for those caught in this firestorm.

We are in a relatively safe area, surrounded by large Irrigation Channels, but it has burned before.

Almost ironical, a community (Cooma) preparing for the fires suddenly found themselves flooded when a massive water tower collapsed. But the flames run in the treetops fed by the eucalypt oil in the leaves of the canopy where the Koalas live.

Our volunteers and supporters are working tirelessly, and now the defence forces are involved, with heavy equipment and transport. There are so many isolated communities with only one way in or out, and what was once a peaceful retreat is now hell on earth.

There are hundreds of Bushfire appeals running, and it must be said that some are Scams – there are also reports of house invasions and looting!! (Simple solution – A small piece of Lead between the eyes!).

Understandably – people try to help, to give, to show their humanity, not only here but all over the world in different countries situations and extremes.

There are official channels for donations and support. If you feel that you can help – please do so – but please make sure that your contribution, effort, care goes to the victims and not to the administrative process. (No Names – No Pack Drill).

We have people from all over this benighted planet giving their expertise, time and most importantly – themselves – life and limb, without let or hindrance.

On this website, in this community, we are hosting a Dry January support group. We’re asking our members to think of donating to Australia, at least some of what they save in January by ditching the drink. Whether you’re dry this January or not, start your year and your decade from a place of generosity and community spirit by reaching out to help Australia. Together we can make a difference. Together we can help Australia recover.

Bushfire relief: How you can help those in need

The article linked above from suggests excellent ways to help those in need. If you would like to offer help to Australia we also recommend these options.
Today, Together Rising pledged $100,000 in relief to Australia.
ALSO, they are devoting 100% of what they receive from your donations for the next 48 hours to ease suffering for the people of that beautiful continent. You can give at



WIRES mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same.


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