I never Hit Rock Bottom. I’m Not Addicted!

To everyone who doesn’t fit in the 10% or so of people reported to have a serious drinking problem, but think that they might be drinking too much. To everyone who sees articles like this, Alcohol-related deaths more than doubled in last two decades: study, and start to reconsider they’re drinking routine. To everyone who has been raised to believe that drinking alcohol daily is just what adults and you don’t have a problem unless you are addicted which most think means that you are physically dependent on alcohol. To everyone who thinks that hitting rock bottom is the only reason to Rethink the Drink. If you’re in the 90%. do you know you’re on an alcohol miss-use spectrum?

Alcohol addiction -Alcoholism-Alcohol Use Disorder- Death statistics

That’s right

If you have strong cravings for booze
At night
If to not finish the bottle
You have to fight
You could still have an alcohol issue

Just because you don’t always act
On the urge to drink
And you’re proud of that fact
Don’t be too confident
Alcohol has likely made more than a dent

I believe when strong cravings are there
However many excuses we throw in the air
That about alcohol we REALLY do care

I believe the very fact that people have these cravings means they do actually have a problem
Even if they aren’t at the point where they need saving
And the more they ignore it the bigger it will get
I wonder how much you are willing to bet?

Do people really just fancy a drink
But they can take it or leave it right
Or is it something their brain tells them they need and must get
But they just haven’t acknowledged or realised it yet?

I know exactly what I’m talking about
I never hit rock bottom
No real black outs
Somehow now
Alcohol had a hold of me
Of that I’m in no doubt
Could it be getting a hold of you

Life is a glorious journey. Putting down the drink to live it fully is just the beginning.

If you’re “sober curious” … If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…or if you have stopped drinking and are trying to stick to sober! Talk to Us. 

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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Have you Heard that Little Voice?

The voice that says…

I’m not addicted 🙂
Not addicted at all– I’m NOT addicted to alcohol
I never was
So I won’t fall
Not like others I see
And I know why
My desire for alcohol is manageable now
It’s so small
Almost minuscule … I’ll never hit rock bottom


“Oh you fool!”

Alcohol will say

Alcohol Addiction Jester with Handcuffs Laughing at You

“You just continue to be deluded
And play
You’re way too confident
I’ll wait
I’m confident too
I’ll get you one day!
Don’t you realise the voice in your head
Telling you

“It’s all okay”

It’s me

I too know how to play
And I’m patiently waiting
For things to go my way
If you knew what was good for you
You’d stop listening
You’d be less arrogant too
But it seems
It’s all going my way
So I’m here
Waiting for you
If it’s sobriety you’ve found
Turn away from me
Turn around
Whilst you still can
Of honesty I’m not a fan
But now you’ve had fair warning
If you continue to line your path with wine
You’re making a choice
Are you really choosing to be mine?
But isn’t it too precious, your time?”

Keep Your Guard Up! Alcohol Plays the Long Game

More Thoughts on that seductive addict voice

Ask Yourself these questions ( you’ll find our answers inside BOOM at the linked titles)

If you can think of one thing that scares you, or scared you most about sobriety what would it be ?

What does Courage mean to you? Does it take courage to be alcohol free? Why?

and we’re there to help with answers to these as well

What advice would you give our Newbies about those first 30 or 40 days? What do you remember about the early sticking points ?

Early sobriety is so so difficult I am having a very difficult time maintaining motivation. I am one of those who “never reached rock bottom.”?

What made you *realize* that you had “crossed the line” and had a very serious alcohol problem?

Do you really PROMISE it’s better on the other side? Swear?

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