Handling What Comes – Day 4 Sober

Shoe with Arrow to Soultion Day Four Sober

Today our online community platform crashed. It can be quite unsettling when you go to open the support network you depend on every day and it is suddenly not there. These things do happen. Computer servers have a tendency to go down, technical glitches occur and re-occur, but luckily there are a plethora of options out there and even the worst crash can have a quick solution if you have a cool head. The best thing about being almost 2,000 days sober is that a cool head becomes the norm. Here are some thoughts on keeping a cool head on day 4 sober from one of our BOOM Rethink the Drink community members.

Day 4 Sober

Worried about things
Will they be okay
Hopefully but who’s to say
Reality check on the way
Don’t want to waste another day

No matter the feeling
I’ll sit with it
Because to numb our emotions
Numbs everything doesn’t it

A life running on 50% battery
How can that be the best for me?
It’s a waste of time
All for the addictive taste of wine
When without it I can be
Alert, happy, fine

Alcohol doesn’t belong in my body
Like a morphine drip
It’s effects are harmful and shoddy
Makes life a wasted trip

I want to bleed, I want to feel, hurt, get angry, be loved and happy
I want my life to be the real deal

Just need to be brave enough to try
To wave goodbye to toxic booze
Life on life’s terms
Gotta take the rough with the smooth

And be grateful life exists at all I think
Not throw it away for a drink

Keep Calm and Carry on Day 4 Sober

But we won’t invite the Wine Witch in because she brings sress and Misery

Saturday Wine Witch Misery

She says “Erm excuse me please
It’s Saturday night time for wine
Aren’t you forgetting something?”

We don’t do that anymore i say

WW: “But……it’s the weekend….and it’s Saturday”

Well I’m changing the channel
It’s been a week

WW: “Well you won’t get any pleasure in alternatives you seek
And what about all the current worries on your mind
A bowl or 2 of choco hoops won’t be as kind
Whereas I have the cure all
Admit it
Don’t I?
I soothe your brow when you want to cry!”

Well let’s see now you also lie badly
Repeatedly it seems to me

WW: “Are you sure
Do I?
At least I always make you feel better right?”

Well now that you mention it
You ruin it each time
And If when I’m mad I have a glass of wine
I feel much worse
The thing is WW I’m not the one that’s cursed
You are
Destined to bring misery to all near and far
And though some wine appeals at the moment and looks nice
It’s still a toxic, life destroying vice
I was sober 6 months
I’m gonna do that twice
That’s my intention
So I might as well show you
I might as well mention
That I have the power to remove my attention
Whenever I agree with you
I always end up back here
It’s not worth my health and time
To waste it on wine
Just so we’re clear
Though at the moment you’re shouting
And it’s barely a whisper
I can still hear my heart voice saying
“I want to be a non drinker”

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