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Guilty Pleasure ?

Guilty woman Hiding

That terrorist’s web was hard to leaveInsisting that I had to believeThat one won’t hurtYou earned this treatFood on the tablePlenty to eatI functioned fineNo one knewAll seemed wellHidden wineThis was my gameNo room for twoLeave me alone with my hidden shameI’ll deal with it laterWhen things are more calmNot today thoughSweaty palmCrack open a

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Believe You Can Turn it Around- Rethink the Drink

Believe - Starting Dry January

Remembering the Drinks I’d Like to Forget — or — Ghosts of Christmas Past Stockings to fillPresents to wrapChristmas EveFeeling crapMother in law hereA sneaky ginShe won’t realiseThe state I’m in Presents galoreAll over my bedShit , the boozehas truly gone to my head Blackout . Out . I’m asleep, out coldNothing wrappedFeeling appalled It

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