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  • Boom Mocktails – Alcohol Free Frozen Strawberry Daquiri

    Boom Mocktails – Alcohol Free Frozen Strawberry Daquiri

    Pour into whatever glass tricks your trigger and fill the rest with bubbly water. I used a martini glass and put lime juice on the rim and then dipped it in sugar. Yum!

  • Thought for the Day

    Thought for the Day

    I don’t believe that there is one type of addictive personality but I know that the loss of control all addicts experience does lead to shame. Shame leads to isolation and the solution is community. Sharing our stories and supporting others in the process of recovery is the best way to not only break the addiction but rediscover the value of who we are as individuals.

  • Talk to Us Rethink the Drink

    Talk to Us Rethink the Drink

    The first day that I started journaling publicly, by posting my plan anonymously to an on-line community, was the day that I finally stopped drinking once and for all.The process of recovery for me has been about finally growing up, finally accepting responsibility, working out my truth and unexpectedly awakening to a childlike wonder at the world around me. It took courage to state my plan publicly and It took courage to lay my thoughts on the line each day but in return, for trusting the people around me to gently catch me if I fell, I was rewarded with genuine freedom.

  • It’s Your Life It’s Your Time

    It’s Your Life It’s Your Time

    I get to a certain point where I think I’m overreacting with this whole completely sober thing. I’m usually put in positions where others around me are drinking (family and friends) and I don’t wan’t to miss out. Then I feel resentful that I’m “doing this to myself” and so eventually I start up again. Because I don’t get drunk per se, nobody says anything or appears concerned. And at first I feel all of this burden dissolve away. Ahhhh…….

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