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  • Wine Witch & Drinking: Drown the Witch!

    Wine Witch & Drinking: Drown the Witch!

    Really great day Full of sun and lots of walking I know that right now a big supersized cold glass of dry white wine would be lovely….But I’m not gonna go there because at the bottom of the second bottle The wine witch would be cackling with her shimmery laugh reaching up to pull me […]

  • Alcoholic Analogy: Pickles and Cucumbers

    Alcoholic Analogy: Pickles and Cucumbers

    I’m reading Caroline Knapp’s book Drinking -A love story, and the thoughts below really clicked for me today. “… Most alcoholics (not all) sooner or later have to grapple with the idea that they have a disease. Some people drink in wildly alcoholic the first time they ever taste the stuff….But those of us who’ve […]

  • Life is a Battlefield

    Life is a Battlefield

    Sorry….still spewing forth post after post…. it seems to help…. seems to be necessary I have always been a fighter. When I was young I had to learn to fight for everything. My balance, my opportunities …. everything internal and external. And I have won many of my battles. But than things got too easy […]

  • It Hurts to Grow

    It Hurts to Grow

    The most important gift that we can give our children is to grow in front of their eyes. If they see us fall, get up again and move forward with more wisdom… And fall, get up again….move forward… If we let them see us cry… Then they will know that even though it hurts to […]

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