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I am Tired

I had had a taste of some nasty liquor at a spend the night party when I was 12 and my parents had allowed us to sip wine with dinner in our teens but I didn’t drink, I was a good girl and was terrified of getting into trouble and messing up my charmed life.

Day 83 Alcohol-Free Existential Crisis

I ought to be grateful that I stopped myself from going down that road. I should be glad that I am heeding the warnings, listening to the wise ones, learning from the cautionary tales.”

And another part of me whispers,

“That’s great and all, but I want to see it for myself. I want to be sure I’m on the right path for me.”

Who wins?

I guess we’ll see.

I am Strong

I had been drinking alcohol on and off since I was 16. I now drank 1-2 bottles of wine a day after work as my ‘reward’ and more at weekends. So here I am Who was I? I was 50…..Working in a high level professional job 2 children 1 husband 2 Labradors My leisure time

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I am Maggy

At this point I’m a walking encyclopedia of recovery resources. I’ve read the LifeRing handbook and attended one of their meetings, done all the SMART Recovery worksheets and attended a number of their meetings, investigated some other groups, been a part of online communities, paid for Hip Sobriety School and I’m still working through the world of resources and supports in that rich program, listen regularly to recovery podcasts, read a ton of books, stay active on sober support sites, write about sobriety, took up kundalini yoga. I was already an avid meditator and big fan of spiritual circles.

2 years sober and what I know

Drawing of person as a tree, sober inspiration

Two Years Sober ! It has been interesting and at times very challenging. My sobriety led to the end of my relationship with an abusive partner. It led to moving back to my home town, finding a job, then moving again and holding down a fulltime job that required a lot of traveling. All really

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