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The people on BOOM are amazing…honest, open, respectful, supportive. I would not have made it this far without them. I was hesitant to send that initial email asking to join as I felt so vulnerable, alone and afraid to share. Thank God I did!

Circle of Colored Hands

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Boom has had a boomerang effect on my life!  It’s been a steadfast community where I can shed all of the grief caused in my life by alcohol.  No judgements, not one little innuendo, just pure support with loving suggestions and encouragement.  We can do this, we are all here with one common thread, we want something better! Thank you to all of my pals here:)

I like BOOM because it is growing and with that comes a myriad of different thoughts.  We have people from day 1, too day 100, too day 1,000 and beyond.  There is something/someone for everyone here 🙂

LIVE, inspiration to join the boom community

I joined after reading the Boozemusings article Simple Solutions to Beat the Binge Drinking Routine .

I’d made the decision to quit drinking after many days on the road of business travel and heavy evening / night drinking. My last night was especially bad and I knew I could never, ever return to drinking.

I was truly miserable, in an airport, very hung over (lasted for days), and wanted to join AA or something online. Preferably online, since I travel a lot. I knew that I would need daily support for a long time.

This article had the exact answers I was seeking. I really wanted a day by day blow of what was coming. It took a long time for me to start feeling better, and I just combed over each day.

Once I joined I found fantastic support, outpouring of love and understanding, and tons of resources and reading material. I read for hours every day. Can’t thank Boom enough, but it was 100% that Boozemusings article for me.

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As someone fairly new to Boom it didn’t take long to realise it is a special place to heal, learn and gain huge insight and kind support. A selfish part of me doesn’t want to share it now that I’ve found it 😉 Xx

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Boozemusings is a lifestyle blog and the BOOM Community is a peer support group. We are NOT trained addiction counselors but simply a community of people who have overcome or are overcoming alcohol issues. We do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor does anything on this website create a physician/patient relationship.  If you require medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, please consult your physician.

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