Booze equations or Why I subtracted Wine drinking from my Time

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Why do I want to stop drinking and live sober ?

When I boil it down to simple equations it helps me remember :

Booze + Me = No off button….. almost always drinking far too much

Me – Booze = No more stressing about how much I have already drank and then making

myself feel better (temporarily) with more booze

Booze + Me = Crushing hangovers

Me – Booze = Surprisingly good health

Booze + Me = Self loathing and depression

Me – Booze = Lightness, joy and happiness more and more often

Booze + Me = Horrid sleep

Me – Booze = More restful sleep….sometimes even fantastic sleep

Booze + Me = Dwelling on sad events from the past

Me – Booze = Living in the present and smiling more

Booze + Me = Shame of hiding bottles to conceal how much I drank

Me – Booze = Self-respect for giving up alcohol

Booze + Me = Low energy

Me – Booze = Energy to exercise most days

Booze + Me = Missed appointments and commitments because I was hungover

Me – Booze = I show up to things on time and am able to fully engage

Booze + Me = Certain early death

Me – Booze = Improved life expectancy

Booze + Me = Feeling like a slave to alcohol….I allowed alcohol to control too many of my thoughts and actions

Me – Booze =No more stressing about how much I can drink, when I can drink, if I can drink, hiding how much I drank, wondering if I am drinking more than others, how much is too much, is it hurting my health, do people know I drink too much, etc, etc, etc.

Plain and simple….. 

Me + ZERO booze = Wonderful freedom

If you’re “sober curious” …

If you are drinking too much too often and want to take a break…

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