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The Boozemusings Blog is written by a diverse group. We are current and former members of the private BOOM Rethink the Drink community where we also blog daily, in an anonymous, supportive forum. If you’re drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink. You’ll find our community HERE  

Open your Mind to the Possibilities – The Spirit is not in the Bottle It’s in You

  • Get A Refund on the Alcohol Tax

    Woman with Money Get a Refund on the Alcohol Tax

    April 18 is tax day in America, which falls in the middle of Alcohol Awareness Month.This made me consider how alcohol was taxing me for decades.And I was not aware that alcohol was Taxing Me It starts out so innocently, at a party with really fruity punch (spiked with grain alcohol), then leads to fun happy […]

  • Boozemusings Community Blog Day 1

    One year ago today ( 2015) I signed up to spend twelve months Alcohol-Free by blogging on the community website Hello Sunday Morning. Hello Sunday Morning offered a choice of a three month or twelve-month AF challenge but I knew that it needed to be a lifetime commitment for me. When I was young I […]

  • The "A" word

    I hate the word alcoholic. I’d like to say “ if drinking is causing you more pain than pleasure it’s time to take a break”. That would make things much more clear. But we learn from an early age that the there is nothing wrong with the pleasure of drinking causing pain. For many teenagers […]

  • My Sobriety Blog – Day One

    Woman Blogging- My first post in an online community to stop drinking

    On March 6, 2015, I stumbled over an online community called Hello Sunday Morning that was designed to help people change their relationship with alcohol by blogging together in a private space. I had only recently started reading blogs to help me stop drinking and stumbled over HSM on Facebook while searching sobriety blogs. I […]

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