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A Test of Your Alcohol Awareness – What is Normal Drinking?

This is a Test alcohol awareness

Today I saw an article about “Alcohol Awareness” pop up in my Facebook feed. When it comes to drinking, what is ‘normal’? At first, I clicked on the comments; I was saddened by how many people commented in a negative way – promoting binge drinking and mocking sobriety. But rather than get discouraged by the

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Focus on the Danger of Drinking Alcohol or Sobriety as a Positive Choice?

April was Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. An opportunity to raise awareness about alcohol and alcohol-related harm. But most of the Alcohol Awareness campaign focuses on an abstract 5 to 10 % of people who are considered alcoholics or suffering from an alcohol-use disorder. We still think of alcohol as deadly only to an

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Get A Refund on the Alcohol Tax

Woman with Money Get a Refund on the Alcohol Tax

April 15 is tax day in America, which falls in the middle of Alcohol Awareness Month.This made me consider how alcohol was taxing me for decades.And I was not aware that alcohol was Taxing Me It starts out so innocently, at a party with really fruity punch (spiked with grain alcohol), then leads to fun happy

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