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Get A Refund on the Alcohol Tax

Woman with Money Get a Refund on the Alcohol Tax

April 15 is tax day in America, which falls in the middle of Alcohol Awareness Month.This made me consider how alcohol was taxing me for decades.And I was not aware that alcohol was Taxing Me It starts out so innocently, at a party with really fruity punch (spiked with grain alcohol), then leads to fun happy

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10 Things that being alcohol-free has made Me Aware of – A Tribute to Alcohol Awareness Month

Family You Can Make a Difference alcohol awareness month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the USA. It is?  Really? I’d never heard of it before it was mentioned in my online community last week. So I did some field research, and do you know what I found out?  Not one person I asked had heard of it either, not even my teenage kids

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Alcohol Awareness Agenda – Please Stop Sober Shaming!

Alcohol Awareness Month Stop Sober shaming

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. We speak often and openly about our national epidemic of opioid addiction, yet talking of alcohol as an equally dangerous drug is considered an overreaction. Suggesting that Wine o’clock is problematic can get you kicked out of the cool club. I wish that society could show

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