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  • Shame, Alcohol and Sobriety

    Woman in Shadow Walking through Doors Shame and Alcohol and Sobriety

    Doing nothing and feeling everything. With everyone stuck at home in revolving lockdowns during this pandemic, we have nowhere to look but inward and maybe backward hey? Which can be useful (ish) at highlighting our regrets and shame that maybe we’ve been pushing down, ignoring. Shame is something that most people struggle with when they […]

  • You Deserve Another Chance – A Sober Dance

    Dancer at Dawn- You deserve another Chance a Sober Dance

    Before I went sober, when I was drinking, I would wake up most days and immediately evaluate: how hungover am I ? Here were the usual options: 1) Oh good, I only had 3/4ths of a bottle last night. Slight wine head, slight dry mouth and eyes, but nothing too bad.  2) Oh my head, […]

  • 9 Observations on My First 3 Months Sober

    Woman in You Can do Anything tee shirt - Represnting 3 months sober and Happily Alcohol Free

    This week I celebrate my Three Month Soberversary. I’m 120 days Alcohol Free! Will I be sober forever? Time will tell. I never expected to stop drinking for more than a few days much less be celebrating this landmark. So I thought I would share some insights on what going sober has been like and […]

  • 5 Lessons About Drinking Alcohol Like a Grownup – My Ethonol Education

    Lesson #1 – Drinking Alcohol Equals FUN! Fun is LOUD! My ethanol education began with a memorable lesson. Drinking alcohol equals fun! One of my first memories of my dad is of him standing on a table at my Aunt’s house, eating half of a tequila worm. I thought it was funny. My dad ate […]

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