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Breaking the Glass Slipper – My Jealousy of Slips at 6 Months Sober

Glass Slipper- Early sobriety

The first year of sobriety can be slippery, regardless of how committed you are to not drinking. It doesn’t matter if you attend AA or Smart Recovery meetings, if you’re paying a sobriety coach, or participating in an online community. Slips happen everywhere. There is no perfect program that magically removes the possibility of drinking

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Learning to Meditate – Transcendental Meditation, Awareness and Emotional Regulation

Woman in Grass with Daisy in mouth - learning Meditation

A lot of us try to meditate and feel we fail or don’t get it. We try to meditate and don’t feel the benefit and it’s frustrating and boring to bother having another go. That was and is still is me much of the time. I have a busy impatient brain that is hard to

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