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  • The Gift

    The Gift

    I’ve never been to AA but awhile back I read chunks of the Big Book on my own to check out the content. I remember reading about The Gift of Desperation and I didn’t really understand it.  To feel so powerless and defeated?  That’s not how I wanted to go about sobriety. But now that […]

  • An Invitation to Rethink the Drink with Us

    An Invitation to Rethink the Drink with Us

    Do you feel like you are drinking too much too often and losing control? Drinking more than you are comfortable with? Maybe you are sick of the hangovers? When I was drinking I would wake up and immediately evaluate: how hungover am I? Here were the usual options: 1) Oh good : I only had […]

  • I Love You Daddy

    I Love You Daddy

    Mornings are quiet Uncomfortably soBut afternoon drinksthey start the show By evening, the voice is bossy and loud‘I love you girl; you make me proud’. And later, the slurring, and uneven feet Next day, no memory, just rinse and repeat.  Day one, two and even threeEach morning more quiet, self-defeat I love you daddy but your hands they shakeI feel […]

  • Mummy Juice

    Mummy Juice

    About a year or two ago, the book club I’m part of chose the book ‘Why Mummy Drinks’, by Gill Sims. I borrowed it from another woman and read about two chapters before thinking what a load of tripe and put it down.  And it wasn’t because I was going to stop drinking anytime soon.  […]

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