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  • An Invitation

    An Invitation

    Quitting drinking is the hardest and most courageous thing I’ll ever do: along with becoming a mother.  Yes, it really is up there in the achievements of life! We’re learning to take off glasses which were dim, showing us the dark and painful side of life: the guilt, the remorse, the shame, the low or […]

  • Feelings are like Lighthouses

    Feelings are like Lighthouses

    I think the toughest thing to deal with when we get sober, is the onslaught of feelings. The normal human reactions and responses that we medicated for years, or decades. Christ, they come at us like huge waves in the first couple of years, no doubt about it. Sometimes tsunamis. It’s one of the reasons […]

  • The Gift of Not Giving Up

    The Gift of Not Giving Up

    When we embark on this journey of losing the booze and look honestly at the trainwreck elements of our drinking life, it’s very hard to see the benefits, apart from our physical and mental health. Life looks like a small speck of light at the end of a long tunnel. As we do the work, […]