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  • The alcohol effect on middle aged “fun” sensors

    The alcohol effect on middle aged “fun” sensors

    There is a lot of science out there about the chemistry of the brain and the effect of alcohol on it. The bottom line from all research whether pro or anti-alcohol is more or less the same. Alcohol affects the brain, PERIOD!!!! I would love to go out there and do tons of research, but…

  • Anatomy of a Relapse

    Anatomy of a Relapse

    Did you study anatomy in high school or college ? I did in so many ways… From books to the gorgeous Sylvia sitting in my English class. The more I saw, the more I wanted to see and there was quite a bit of lovely bits to see too. I never enjoyed English so much…

  • Hammer and Fingers

    Hammer and Fingers

    Driving to work this morning, I had a tiny inspiration for a post. Have you ever hit your fingers hard with a hammer? Did it hurt? I would say that it hurts like a SOB. I suddenly start speaking French when I hit my fingers with a hammer. (Not the good words) So now, I…

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