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  • Thinking about Moderate Drinking

    woman walking tightrope

    I have been doing alot of thinking…thinking about moderate drinking. Everyone who knows me has heard me say that every attempt I have made to do that has resulted…eventually….in me waking up with with a debilitating hangover and full of self-loathing.  Today, I am going to expound on my experiences and why I know I […]

  • Disney Mentality

    Yesterday I watched a documentary called Drinking Yourself to Death and it really had me thinking and pondering. It was made in the UK in 2015 and the statistics were all UK. I have to believe things are very similar in the USA. Actually, things seem to have gotten worse these last few years. In […]

  • This is Us – Families, Addiction and the Legacy of Shame

    Have you ever watched the show This is Us ? It’s a series that airs in the US. A show about families in all their brokenness and loving awesomeness. If you haven’t watched it and have it available, I highly recommend it but keep the tissues close by. Last night I watched a recent episode […]

  • Living Life to the Fullest : Sober and Connected

    It is pretty common for people new to a life sober to feel some angst about being “different” from everyone else who “gets to” go out and drink. Everyone gets to go out drinking but me! What will I do with myself? Why Can’t I Be Like Everyone Else? What makes you think you aren’t? […]

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