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The Silver Lining In My Pink Cloud

Sober Pink Cloud Quote- Life sn't about waithing for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain

When I first got sober, the pink cloud of peace and tranquility that many people talk about, was nowhere in sight. I wasn’t feeling jubilant, or triumphant, or free. I was stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. As the weeks went by, I of course started feeling proud that I was staying sober, but mostly all I was

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Sobriety Taught Me to Honor Myself

Woman growing as Plant Sobriety

When I made the decision to stop drinking over a year ago, I never imagined that sobriety would literally transform my life. I went from a place of complete breakdown; feeling worthless, hopeless, fearful, and paralyzed…to a place of feeling so empowered, capable and strong. My life did NOT magically get easier, but my perspective

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Outrunning the Cravings in Early Sobriety – How to Build Sober Momentum

I could feel my heart beat rising, chest tightening, feeling as if I needed to force myself to breathe. My skin crawling, mind racing… panic. If I just had one drink right now this feeling would go away, right? But I can’t. I don’t drink anymore. And the realization that I couldn’t have what I

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