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  • Too Much Vodka Under the Bridge

    Sometimes I think back to what it was like. The phone calls, the screams, the fear in my throat wondering what the person ringing me was talking about. The fear of betraying someone and doing it anyway. The Dr. visits with hands gripping each other tightly. Being slumped zombie-like over the couch. The sad goodbye […]

  • Blowing off the Booze Beast Who Came to Tea

    The Booze Beast who Came to tea

    They thought that they could tame the beastIn order to relax, have funOr find peace But the booze beast who came to teaWas not at all harmless, It couldn’t be  It was there for a feast Repeatedly  They thought that they were in control That moderating visits wouldn’t take it’s tollThat they were okayEven on a rollUntil the monster […]

  • Finding Balance at 6 Months Sober

    Shoes balanced Finding Balance at 6 months sober

    Today I am 166 days alcohol-free. Almost 6 months sober! This is not my first attempt at sobriety but this time around I’m starting to feel almost happy with my decision to quit (98% happy anyway). Alcohol-Free! This time with convictionBecause I’m worth so much moreThen the misery of addiction! Last night when I was […]

  • 100 Days of Thinking – Not Drinking!

    100 days af sober app

    100 days sober Part 2! I’m “Walking Away From Wine O’clock” This time with more convictionBecause we’re all worth so much moreThan the misery of addiction! No More Blinkers Sitting here thinking but definitely not drinkingWondering what if I’d not found youIf I’d never clicked on that link to BoomWhat then?But I think “Walking Away […]

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