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  • BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

    BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

    Ok so sometimes life is shitThere’s no denying itBut by being sober We learn to live in the chaos And make sense of it We find we are stronger We can help others for longer Instead of just focusing on ourself Leaving their needs on the shelf We can bolster the self worth of others We can be better friends, lovers, […]

  • The Runaway Train

    The Runaway Train

    So we start a little journey on a fun looking train, not sure where it’s destination is but it looks cool and exciting. We get off at our designated stop to go home safe and sound. We get on this same train again and again and it takes us on a pleasant journey and we […]

  • Mummy’s Wine Time

    Mummy’s Wine Time

    Why did I stop drinking? I wasn’t a blackout binge drinker and I didn’t come close to hitting any kind of rock bottom. I just decided it was time to take a break from the booze. As a mother and as a woman my wine time wasn’t serving me well anymore. My mum was congratulating […]

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