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  • The Color of Sober

    The Color of Sober

    I was thinking earlier how by not drinking I increase my options.By staying sober I increase my potential for goodness, for peace, for stability. All sorts of things. Currently, not drinking is enabling me to make the most of a business opportunity – I just wouldn’t have been able to do what I need to […]

  • Why Can’t I Drink !?

    Why Can’t I Drink !?

    WHY CANT I DRINK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE??? – – a question that shouts in the minds of many of us at one time or another. Why me!?! It’s not fair! Well, as I was making my coffee this morning it occurred to me that we are not the only ones who have to accept that […]

  • The Risks of Sobriety

    The Risks of Sobriety

    Risks of sobriety-I might fail.People might judge me.I might find it really hard sometimes (especially in the beginning).I might eat loads and put on weight.I might be missing out on the fun.I might not like my sober self. There are lots of common concerns that help us to talk ourselves out of committing to getting […]

  • How do You Stop Drinking ?

    How do You Stop Drinking ?

    How do you stop drinking? What do you do, when drinking is the comfort zone that you enter at the end of the day, and without it, you just feel raw? How do you stop drinking and stay stopped when you are in that sort of high functioning, grey area where you get to three […]