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  • The Simple A and B of It

    One of the best things I’ve heard lately about changing habits is a simple process of weighing A against B. The SMART recovery program has a worksheet they call Cost Benefit Analysis or CBA. But who is going to sit down and write out cost vs benefit when faced with an immediate urge or craving […]

  • You are Allowed to Change

    We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis. —LeeAnn Taylor One of my wise yoga teachers said that anything can be healed from the inside out. She’s on the money with that one, because “from the inside out” is the way all transformation occurs. The caterpillar doesn’t start sprouting wing buds on its back that […]

  • The Magic of the Sober Toolbox to Power Your Will

    Have you ever heard that you can’t stop drinking with willpower alone? It’s true! But what does that actually mean? Of course, it takes willpower to stop drinking! You have to decide. You have to commit. You have to make living alcohol-free non-negotiable if you’re going to have any chance of staying sober. But willpower […]

  • Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

    One of the huge leaps toward sobrenity (that happy place in sober-serenity land) is discovering that the true rewards, the stuff that makes our spirits and bodies feel so very good, usually calls for some hard work. I know, I know, not what I wanted to hear, either. Sometimes that hard work is purely physical. […]

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