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How to Override your Lizard Brain

Have you heard about your Lizard Brain? The part of your brain designed to keep you safe? That ancient brain that evolved when we lived in an older world with predators that wanted to eat us? That part of your brain still kicks in now in the 21st century. We may not be running from

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Simple Solutions to Beat the Binge Drinking Routine

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During the six long years between the day I knew that I needed to stop drinking, and the day I finally did, there was a lot of pain and frustration that might have been avoided if I’d known a few simple things. It is, of course, obvious that if you’re going to stop drinking, you

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Are you Stuck? How to get Started on Succeeding at Sober

Today is a New Day! …. . Stretch and Flex Those Sober Muscles If you have been struggling to stop drinking or stay sober, Today choose THE day you are going to take it on and win through. Start with the right frame of mind : Fall in love with the potential of sobriety, it may

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