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Simple Solutions to Beat the Binge Drinking Routine

During the six long years between the day I knew I needed to stop drinking, and the day I finally did, there was a lot of pain and frustration that might have been avoided if I’d known a few simple things. It is of course obvious that if you’re going to stop drinking….you have to

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Are you Stuck? How to get Started on Succeeding at Sober

Today is the beginning of the week… Stretch and Flex Those Sober Muscles Today, choose THE day you are going to take it on and win through. What can you do to help relax you? Meditation, yoga, music, an Epsom salts bath? Read- Visualization and Motivation Listen to – Healing Through Letting Go Urge Surfing

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How to Break the Friday Night Drinking Ritual

Remember If you’ve decided to join in the discussion no matter where you are in your efforts to change your relationship with alcohol, you are here and you are trying and that is epic.You are here amongst like-minded people that can help you in some shape or form move forward. Compared to the amount of time it took up to get into all this trouble, getting out of this shit is bloody quick. No matter what challenges lie ahead, as long as you remain committed and engage here you will get through.

Want to stop drinking? Start with a Plan and Share It!

Most of us feel pretty desperate and a bit lost when we’re unable to get control of habitual drinking. If you’re trying to stop drinking, Make a Plan. Make a plan and share it ! That may sound simplistic but it works. It works especially well if you find a community and share that plan

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