Category: Dry July 2020

Beating Peer Pressure to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Woman in crowd with red nose- Beating peer pressure to stop drinking and stay sober

Remember being a child, getting caught being naughty by your teacher, and when she asked WHY did you do it… you responded with, He started it first! And maybe he did? Maybe you subcumbed to peer pressure and did something you knew you shouldn’t, hoping you wouldn’t get caught. Most of us succumbed to peer

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Finding the Courage to Go Sober

woman climbing rock face- sober courage

Have you ever heard alcohol described as liquid courage? When you were young were you told to drink like a man, or that booze would put hair on your chest? As a young woman, I often took pride in drinking dangerously. I associated drinking with my badass identity. But it took far more courage for

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Beating Back Alcohol Cravings

Fresh water splashing in hands Beat alcohol cravings

Alcohol cravings come and go throughout the first months sober. If you are in your first month alcohol-free, whether doing Dry July or a longer stretch, by day 20 most of the nightly cravings for alcohol have likely become quite manageable. But the occasional devil on your shoulder, little voice in your head, can come

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