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5 Reasons I Stopped Drinking – A Holistic Look at My Alcohol Abuse and Sober Solution

Woman with tree on earth in water Holistic healing choose to be sober

My heart hurts for everyone who is drinking too much and feels they cannot stop. It hurts for the people who’ve had a breakdown in familial relationships due to alcohol. My heart hurts for the parents who’ve realized their mistakes and are trying to change by going alcohol-free, and it hurts for the children whose

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To the Brave Young Woman Who Decided to be Free of Alcohol and its Tirade of Lies

Blond woman walking into sun away from alcohol lies

To the little girl who was scaredTo the little girl who was violatedWhose safe space was not her bedWhose innocence was annihilated. To the little girl who whisperedTo the little girl with no voiceWhose trust was shattered youngWho felt she had no choice. To the teenager who was angryTo the teenager who was brokenWhose anger

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