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  • Trying Ocsober Might be a Great Gift to You and Your Kids as Well

    Trying Ocsober Might be a Great Gift to You and Your Kids as Well

    I heard of Dry July and Ocsober for the first time four years ago on an Australian website called Hello Sunday Morning. While desperately googling, and thinking, How do I Stop Drinking? Am I an Alcoholic? I stumbled over HSM and began blogging my way dry among others on three-month or twelve-month alcohol-free challenges. I didn’t fit the…

  • Staying Sober when Pink Becomes Grey

    Staying Sober when Pink Becomes Grey

    About the malaise phase, or as it can be more succinctly described, “Meh.” When I first got sober with AA, I took an air balloon ride above EVERYTHING. I was suddenly FREE of daily drinking, over-drinking, hating myself, waking every morning staring into the Face of Regret, breaking daily promises to myself, degrading absolutely every…

  • The Key is Endurance

    The Key is Endurance

    Every time you stop, you learn a little more about what sober is. So tonight I stopped in at a local grocery store to get a few things. It’s the freestanding kind that has a liquor store in it. The thought of going in to buy alcohol didn’t cross my mind, any more than walking…

  • My Shiny Black Dragon

    My Shiny Black Dragon

    How I Stopped Drinking by Writing it Out I have a shiny black dragon curled up sleeping in my brain. He’s resting over my right ear. It took about six months alcohol-free for him to really fall asleep and my first sober Christmas at eight months tested him a bit, but sleeping he is and…

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