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  • Musings from Five Years Alcohol-Free

    Musings from Five Years Alcohol-Free

    I can remember being in awe of people who had gone for a long time alcohol-free. I never thought I’d do it.In fact, to be truthful I didn’t think I COULD do it. I’d tried to reduce, moderate, change the drink in my glass, go a month without and start again. When I drank I […]

  • A Burning Desire

    A Burning Desire

    Alcohol is not controllable for me like the fireplace fire contained in a box. Alcohol for me is a raging forest fire. If I drink again it may start slowly, it may begin to burn in a straight line that looks like it will follow a predictable path but inevitably it will become an all consuming frenzy that destroys everything.

  • It’s in Your Hands

    It’s in Your Hands

    Beouf Hache or Through the Mincer : That’s what I’ve been doing to myself for the past few months. Cutting myself up into tiny little pieces then feeding them through the mincer. Sometimes, it’s an electric mincer, but mostly it an ancient hand mixer. The electric mincer is fast and messy. The hand mincer churns […]

  • Selling the Possibility of Loving Life Sober

    Selling the Possibility of Loving Life Sober

    Drinking alcohol has been sold to us as the elixir of life since we were young children… I ‘m not buying it anymore and haven’t for a long time.

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