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Alcohol and Anxiety

Woman underwater with alarm clock alcohol and anxiety

Does alcohol drown out your natural ability to tame your anxiety?Anxiety that’s screaming to just be understood and heardLike a woodpecker or similar determined bird? Does your anxiety just want to deviously play? Or could it have something important to say?If we continue to ignore it every dayWhy doesn’t it just give upAnd go away?

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Mothering my Wild Inner Child – Taming Cravings When you Stop Drinking

Mothering my Inner Child- Silencing Alcoho Cravings when you Stop Drinking

I’m stronger than my cravingsThey’re misinformedHaving been given incorrect informationIt’s not my faultI did my best in the situation I know better nowBut my cravings drive me mad at timesWanting that wine Like a little girlCharging around my house at nightShe’s cold and wants to play with matches to get warmShe’s prepared to argueAnd fightShe

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