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Dear Alcohol We’re Through A Poetic Homage to Sober

Love Letter Dear Alcohol We're through Because I Love Being Sober

I love being sober because :Without alcohol in my lifeI am less stressedI have a lot more energyI am more patient with my kidsI am funnierThere’s a lot less drama in my life and in my headMy thoughts are finally positivesI am more productiveMy head isn’t fuzzy for days from drinkingI’m nicerI’m more consistentEven when

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Alcohol Promises … ?

empty wine glasses alcohol promises

To escape… What does it mean? A good film A warm shower A cosy welcoming room Time with family Time for hobbies Cooking a meal Tuning in to how you really feel?Seeing friends Going out and about? Or does it to you mean numbing out?Not thinking that straight? Leaving things too late?Surrendering to a negative “fate”?Falling asleep frequently early?Getting offended with no justification? Other than

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