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An Invitation …

To everyone finding things really difficult at the moment who think no-one notices who might be drinking more that they would like to cope with it all… Hey I see you Don’t worry though It doesn’t show You’re trying so hard I know Thinking Why doesn’t anyone realise? I’m struggling! You’re juggling everything And doing

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Sober Perspective – The Simple Gift of Presence

Sober Perspective- the Simple Gift of Presence

It’s About Paying Attention My cat’s loud purrHis soft furHis need for comfortSitting on my chestWhen I’m busy trying to readOr rest My children’s laughterTheir too loud chatterTheir need for reassurance and calm“It’s ok no need to sound the alarm” Earlier our evening mealSat at the tableI notice how I feelConversation sounds reverberateAround the kitchenFor

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