Category: How I Stopped Drinking

Boom Community Mocktails – Elegant Elderflower Dreams

Elegant Elderflower Dreams, a Mocktail suggestion This is a delicious alcohol free summer drink made with Elderflower syrup and sparkling water. Add a slice of lemon to dress it up. Where I live it is called Hollersaft and we drink it ALL summer. It is also very easy to make your own Elderflower syrup. Here

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Walking Away from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

person walking away from drinking

I didn’t understand what an alcohol-induced blackout was until I read Sarah Hepola’s book Blackout : Remembering the things I Drank to Forget. Before I stopped drinking I had actually had many blackouts, I just didn’t realize that when I woke up with no memory of going to sleep, and no memory of the conversations

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Boom Mocktails –  Sweet Citrus Serenity

Sweet Citrus Serenity To make this delicious sexy mocktail we used about three cups of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice. Add juice of one lime. We sweetened this with some of the syrup from the maraschino cherries which is completely decadent but delicious. Then add sparkling water to taste. Serve over ice with a fresh

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Coming "out" Sober

For me sobriety is the most empowering experience of my adult life. I have not been brainwashed or hypnotized and I don’t think that alcohol is demons poison. I just know that my long and illustrious drinking career is over and I am thrilled with the result. Rather than waking up blurry, hung over and grumpy I’m up at six ready to rock. It turns out that every occasion that I once thought required a drink is actually more fun, less stressful, easier and more genuine with a clear sober head.