Category: How I Stopped Drinking

Day 65 – Being rather then Doing.

Well two of my clients haven’t showed up today, so I am interpreting this as The Universe’s way of saying to me: “Pop your feet up love, and take some time to relax”. I’ve done some stretching, and some nice deep breathing, and now I think some reflecting is in order. It’s a fascinating thing

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Boozemusings Community Blog Day 1

One year ago today I signed up to spend twelve months Alcohol-Free by blogging on the website Hello Sunday Morning. Hello Sunday Morning offered a choice of a three month or twelve month AF challenge but I knew that it needed to be a lifetime commitment for me. When I was young I drank for

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The "A" word

I hate the word alcoholic. I’d like to say “ if drinking is causing you more pain than pleasure it’s time to take a break”. That would make things much more clear. But we learn from an early age that the there is nothing wrong with the pleasure of drinking causing pain. For many teenagers

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