Category: How I Stopped Drinking

  • Tips on the First Month Alcohol Free from a former Grey Area Drinker

    What have I not done? Don’t think sobriety will just happen on its own without putting in the work. But! It’s worth it! I’ve Retired from a Long and Illustrious Drinking Career

  • Rethink the Drink

    Fix it. Change it. Direct it. When we take hold of the reigns we generate a sense of power – a sense of control – and that in and of itself is a catalyst for change. Be the change you want in your life.

  • Rethink the Drink

    If you’re drinking too much too often and are feeling trapped come talk to us. Rewrite your story one day at a time. On this 1,000th day of writing my way sober I have found clarity, creativity, and freedom in this beautiful life . What will you find ?

  • Rethink the Drink

    I drink because I’m happy. I drink because I’m sad, lonely, angry or to reward myself for being sober for a week. I drink because I want to. I drink when I don’t want to. I drink for no reason and any reason. I drink today because I drank yesterday and want to feel better. […]

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