Category: How I Stopped Drinking

Green Your Own Grass

Is the grass greener? Is the grass really greener Or is it just fake How can you tell?It’s your choice to make When wine time rolls around And you hear that devilish soundWould a glass of your favourite plonkReally be worth it? Would it fit with your desire and your expectation?  Lately I’ve had the realisation Adverts don’t deliver

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Sober Badass School

Because we kinda make our own rules I feel I’m at Sober Badass School  BOOM! Rethink the Drink ! We’ve lots of resources Numerous sources Of wit and wisdom too I mean I know in the end it comes down to youBut a site like this?I’m so glad When I was feeling bad and sadI didn’t miss the chance

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Surf the Urge

It’s funny… What I’m starting to learn Is that far from being lostThere’s much less costTo sobriety  Well that surprised me! Not what I was expecting And it really does help, connectingAccountability I think is keyCertainly it is for me The bridge to alcohol I’m trying to burn And now when I yearn Feel desperate for a drink I’m beginning to

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